Final Thoughts

Snorkelling with a Galapagos Penguin – extraordinary experiences, extraordinary memories

How lucky are we?! Having yet another extended travel time to share as a family has been absolutely fabulous!

As a family we have shared so many experiences and created extraordinary memories as we learned more about languages, food, ruins, music, religion, traditions, politics, settlement, government, caves, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, organic farming, wildlife, earthquakes, volcanoes… 

After only a two month trip, we have returned to Nova Scotia different people than when we left. Travel (not 5 star, of course) yields individual growth and an attitude of more acceptance and less judgement. Furthermore, because we were constantly together (attached at the hip) our family bond has certainly deepened. 

As children, we both travelled far and near. We are thankful to our parents (Jackie, Winnie, and Ron) for imparting their sense of adventure on us that we, in turn, have passed on to our children. 

How lucky are we!

Tina and Graham

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.” Anonymous 


4 thoughts on “Final Thoughts

  1. That is so cool! I am so glad that your family has been able to do this together! We need people to have these experiences to share with those around them, and who knows what the impact will be for your children, impacting their future career choices and worldview. I’m glad you’re all back safe and sound!


  2. Tina and Graham,
    That was a fantastic blog. I got to vacation along side of you and experience your adventures from the couch. You have made many special memories for your kids. How lucky you are.
    Cathy Palmer

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