Ecuador Odds and Ends

Once again, here are some notes of interest on Ecuador (excluding the Galápagos Islands), that did not make it to the blog posts:

  • The official language is Spanish but 20% of the people speak one of the nine Kichwa (Inca) dialects as their first language. There are also eight languages in the Oriente (Ecuador’s Amazon).
  • We gave ourselves lots of time to shop… and we used it at the markets and Quicentro. Quicentro is a modern mall with over 300 shops. Most of the shops are high end, international brands. We did, however, find a few where the prices were reasonable, Bershka being our fav. Quicentro was even open on Christmas Day!
  • Food court Gadget 1.png
    This gadget was used to alert you when your food at the food court in Quicentro was ready.
  • Shopping.png
    Our new suitcase only held about half of what was purchased. Graham was right and we ended up stuffing it so full we were expecting the zipper to bust.
  • garlic.png
    Fresh garlic – peeled and cheap
  • As with some other countries outside NA, toilet pater is often doled out at the washroom by an attendant. In this mall close to Mariscal Sucre District there was a dispenser, cost $0.10. toilet-dispenser-10-cents
  • We came across this Shawarma kiosk (one of many on the street) while walking the Mariscal Sucre area. It was a wrap with chicken (from spit), lettuce, and a white – vinegary sauce for only $1.50!
    Shwarma Kiosk, $1.50.JPG
    Shawarma fine dining, $1.50


    sugarcane woman.png
    Not everyone likes getting their pic taken… even when framed so beautifully with sugarcane


  • After talking with someone who had recently visited Quito, Tina realized her fear of the roads was not so irrational. This person told her of a car that had fallen off the side of an Andes road en route to the Oriente (Amazon). Apparently it was witnessed by a bus load of people – the bus did not stop.

    Driving is freakin’ crazy! We thought the first taxi driver that we had upon arrival was fast.  He had nothing on the last taxi driver that we took to the airport. This guy even made Graham nervous. He was driving 100km/hr in 40km zones and this was going around the mountain bends!


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