Earthquake 4.5, building swayed

Last night, Graham and I both awoke to an odd and eerie feeling of our apartment building swaying and the sound of car alarms below. We are on the top floor of a 12 story  condo/apartment complex and it swayed like a freakin’ palm tree in the wind. It felt like we were on the cruise again,  but with the potential of imminent danger.  With only a 4.5 magnitude I guess it wasn’t a big deal. Ha!

(Graham wants to know if the earth  moved for you, too?? I think he said this with the two earthquakes we experienced in Costa Rica in 2013.)



6 thoughts on “Earthquake 4.5, building swayed

  1. Holy shit! That must have been pretty scary. Blizzards are nothing compared to what others must live with. Talk soon and happy travels. Dave


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